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Cities: How Good is Smart?

Dubai Art Fest | March 19, 2015
HSBC's airport ads tell us: "In the future, we will be planting cities." Indeed, we already are. Dubai has declared its ambition to be the world's smartest city by 2020.

The fragmentation of power

The European | 16 January 2015
The end of the nation-state as we know it: Parag Khanna discusses the path towards global connectivity and why we have to shift from Western history to global history.

The Future of Globalization

November 19, 2014 | Barcelona, Spain
At the Barcelona Smart Cities Expo World Congress, Parag Khanna delivers a keynote speech on the role of cities in the history and future of globalization. He is introduced by Michael Lake...

Chaos is the New Normal

Future Future | 21 November 2014
Parag Khanna speaks to Anne Walraven of Future Fuel about globalization, innovation, travel and creativity.

Economist Innovation Debate

The Economist | 10 October 2014
At the Economist Innovation Summit in Hong Kong, Parag Khanna and Tyler Cowen debate the motion: "We are less innovative than we think."

Maps as the Keys to the World

Catalan TV | 24 November 2014
What are the events that are drawing the map of the world in the 21st century? Catalan TV interviews Parag Khanna after his keynote speech at the Barcelona Smart Cities Expo in November 2014.