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China’s Infrastructure Alliances

European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) | 12 May 2015
The recent launch of the Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank (AIIB) is only the latest in a series of Chinese-led bodies dating back a quarter century aimed at c...

Cities: How Good is Smart?

Dubai Art Fest | March 19, 2015
HSBC's airport ads tell us: "In the future, we will be planting cities." Indeed, we already are. Dubai has declared its ambition to be the world's smartest city by 2020.

The fragmentation of power

The European | 16 January 2015
The end of the nation-state as we know it: Parag Khanna discusses the path towards global connectivity and why we have to shift from Western history to global history.

The Future of Globalization

November 19, 2014 | Barcelona, Spain
At the Barcelona Smart Cities Expo World Congress, Parag Khanna delivers a keynote speech on the role of cities in the history and future of globalization. He is introduced by Michael Lake...

Chaos is the New Normal

Future Future | 21 November 2014
Parag Khanna speaks to Anne Walraven of Future Fuel about globalization, innovation, travel and creativity.

Economist Innovation Debate

The Economist | 10 October 2014
At the Economist Innovation Summit in Hong Kong, Parag Khanna and Tyler Cowen debate the motion: "We are less innovative than we think."